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Monday, October 7, 2013

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Orange County
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October 2013

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NEW Turtle Creek Board Meetings Schedule

Turtle Creek Board Meetings have been changed around to resolve conflicts in our mutual schedules. The following are the planed dates for the remaining meetings:

Wednesday, September 18th at 6:30 PM (2014 Budget Preview and Planning)
Wednesday, October 16th at 6:30 PM (2014 Budget Approval)
Wednesday, December 18th at 6:30 PM

Thank you.
Mike Orlovsky
President, Turtle Creek HOA Board of Directors

Florida Pedestrian LAW-News Flash

Must Yield for pedestrian, it's the LAW
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Orange County Neighborhood News Flash

Important Notice to Neighborhood Leaders about Tropical Storm Isaac:
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Neighborhood Watch A Success In Avalon
By Dan Liedman

In early February Rick Huybers, the Avalon board president, had mentioned at the board meeting that we needed to start such a program because of increased criminal activity. After talking with Orange County Sheriff's officers at the home show, they had our area deputy in charge, Officer Melvin Spear, call me to help start things rolling. This was just a week before the Turtle Creek Social, but he was kind enough to rearrange his schedule so he could talk to those who attended.

So what is a Neighborhood Watch? The crime prevention unit from the sheriff describes it as neighbors watching out for neighbors to help prevent crime. To accomplish this there are several things we need the residents to do:

1. Provide us with your contact information so that you can easily be reached in case of emergency. This should be more than just the residence phone number.

2. Be aware of any unusual things you see around the community such as strangers walking around your neighbor's house, especially when you know they are not home.

3. When you see something suspicious or of a criminal nature don't hesitate to call 911. This should be your first call, not the guard gate, block captain or me. DO NOT CONFRONT THE PERSON! Then feel free to call me or your block captain for further help and to keep us informed.

4. If you see a home with 2 or more newspapers laying in the driveway it's obvious to a thief that nobody is home. Pick them up. The same applies to notes or flyers by the front door.

There are many more items to discuss, which we have shared with everybody after the program was put into place. To organize the Watch, a block captain is given approximately ten homes' contact information. The block captain's duties are varied, but essential to success of your Neighborhood Watch. These tasks include welcoming new neighbors and compiling a list of names of all persons they are assigned to who wish to participate; serving as a liaison between citizens and law enforcement; and helping to form and maintain a telephone notification system for emergencies. I'm proud to say that every member of the Avalon board is a block captain, along with several other residents.

As of this writing we have signed up 91 homes out of the 116 in Avalon. Thanks to all those who are helping!

Since it's start, the program has helped resolve several suspicious activities, including helping a resident in Waters Edge. To help protect all of Turtle Creek we need someone in Boca Pointe & Waters Edge to help set up Neighborhood Watches in those communities. If you are interested, contact me and I'll help you get started.

One other benefit of being a Neighborhood Watch member is that Orange County keeps me informed of any programs or events open to their residents. These have included a "Hurricane Expo" at which attendees received a weather warning radio or a disaster preparedness kit. The Sheriff's department also recently had a "Safety Expo" at their headquarters on West Colonial which had lots of great exhibits on home security and services the sheriff's department provides. I forward information about events like these to all Neighborhood Watch members who have provided us with their e-mail address.

The best thing about the Neighborhood Watch is that it has helped bring Avalon residents closer together as a community. "Neighbors helping neighbors." The sheriff's department has told me they have never seen a community with such a high percentage of people participating. Again, thanks to all who have helped make this program a success, especially the block captains who have worked so hard.

Dan Liedman
(Contact Dan through the Turtle Creek web site address, see below "TC Web Master eMail" or see the full version of this article, with more contact information, in the next Turtle Creek Neighborhood Magazine.)

Orange County Sheriff
Note from Sergeant Duncan

Sergeant P. Parks Duncan
Orange County Sheriff's Office
Uniform Patrol Division - East
Sector 4, Platoon B, Squad 2

Letter from Sergeant P. Parks Duncan

Orange County Sheriff's Office Website

NEW ARB FORMS for Turtle Creek & AVALON

We have converted the old ARB Application Forms to allow you to type in the information, Save on your local PC, Print.
Once you have completed the form please follow the procedure/instructions outlined below, in the right margin, under ARB Instructions.
You will be able to email the NEW ARB form (once saved on your local pc) along with all the associated attachments.
If you need help or have questions please contact the WEB Site Contact in the bottom right margin of this web site.